What happens to a dream deferred?
 Does it dry up
 like a raisin in the sun?
      ~ Harlem, Langston Hughes

The idea behind Mint Nails Spa & Studio begins with a dream. Shallana Edwards, founder of Mint Nails dreamt of one day owning her own business. For over 20 years, she spent working in the hospitality industry at various hotels, timeshare resorts and tour operating companies in many roles from operations, administration and ultimately Digital Marketing. For over 10 years, she loved being a Digital Marketer and won countless awards for her efforts developing marketing strategies and engaging websites, and was even part of one of the most successful timeshare rental programs in the industry. Then in 2011, her company was sold to a major corporation and her dream of moving up the corporate ladder was thwarted. To stay ahead in the crazy corporate lifestyle, she pursued her Masters in Business (MBA) at Grand Canyon University, where their motto is “Find Your Purpose”. That motto stuck with her for the two years she was a student, so when finally in 2015 after losing her job, she realized her purpose was to start her own business. Tired of floundering at another corporate job and listening to upper management execs that had no clue how to manage and lead teams and businesses to success, she decided to carve her own path and started the process of finally realizing her dreams. The road to following her dream was not easy. Along the way, she faced many challenges and countless setbacks starting the salon, but in the fall of 2015 she finally realized that dream and opened Mint Nails Spa and Studio in the heart of Uptown Phoenix.

The idea behind Mint Nails was to create a salon where the moment you walked in you are greeted with a warm smile and an exemplary experience. 20 years in hospitality and customer service taught Shallana that people would almost always remember the experience, not the hotel. That’s why when you enter Mint Nails, you’ll see reminders of how different we are, from the complimentary coffee and tea bar, to the pipeless and jet free pedicure bowls, and most importantly the line-up of products we offer that follow the strict guidelines of being environmentally and socially conscious.

The purpose behind creating a conscious salon in Phoenix was to create an environment that promotes beauty standards that are safe, natural and socially conscious. That’s why we use only products that are organic, mostly vegan and importantly have never been tested on animals. Shallana has personally researched or used every product sold here and verified that they meet this criteria.

At Mint Nails, we want to provide an environment where our customers can choose a beauty service where they feel they are making a difference, by using products that won’t harm our artists; that will be healthier and better for their bodies; that has less cancer causing chemicals and most importantly practices fair pricing so that our artists can earn a fair commission for the services they provide.

If you want to contact Shallana directly, her line is always open. Feel free to email her at Shallana@mintnailspa.com. Send her a note on how we can improve our services to you and the community.