What does a conscious salon even mean?
At Mint Nails Spa & Studio we want to provide a variety of services that meet our strict guidelines of being cruelty-free, which means No Animal Testing, ever! Our products are  either recognized by various animal rights organizations including PETA, Leaping Bunny and Choose Cruelty Free. We also make sure we use many products that are certified organic or vegan, which uses fewer harsh chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other ailments. To see a list of what makes us a conscious salon, click here.

What does 5-free or 6-Free mean?
This means that these nail polishes have removed formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene that include the allergens camphor and formaldehyde resin. These ingredients are all potentially dangerous and have been known to disrupt your endocrine system to cause cancer. While the polish does live on top of your nails and the likelihood of entering your bloodstream is very slim, and various doctors and smart people have basically attested to that, you can still breath in the fumes or it can make contact on your skin. We don’t want you to risk it, which is why our line of nail polish colors is 5-free. We currently use a variety of less toxic products:

  • Arizona based Dazzle Dry polishes, which are 6-free, non-toxic, 100% vegan and dries rock hard in 5 minutes. Check out our growing selection of lacquer polishes that are healthy alternative from gel polish.
  • Lacquer & Gels by Misa Cosmetics, which specializes in a line of 5-free nail lacquers and gels that are cruelty-free, mostly vegan,  recognized cruelty-free by PeTA and proudly made in the USA!


I’m pregnant and interested in learning more about your products and services.
First, congratulations! What an exciting time for you. We get this question asked a lot, and even wrote a blog post about it. We offer products that are considered less toxic and non-toxic from our line-up of polishes, waxes, lotions, sugar scrubs and more. Also, when you walk into our salon, the #1 compliment we receive from our pregnant customers is how it does NOT smell like a typical salon, with lots of toxic fumes lingering in the air. The reason for this is our filtration system, low use of toxic products and small amount of acrylic customers. This makes for a relaxing and fume-free experience for customers with sensitive smells.

What does cruelty free mean?
It means no animal testing. At Mint Nails Spa & Studio, we love animals, which is why we only sell and use products that have NEVER been experimented on animals. Our products are  either recognized by various animal rights organizations including PETA, Leaping Bunny and Choose Cruelty Free. To see a complete list of products we sell and use that are not tested on animals, click here.

Even your gel polish, hard gels and acrylics are cruelty free?
Yup. We use several Gel and Acrylic products from Misa Cosmetics and Tammy Taylor Nails which has met the standards of PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to be cruelty free or vegan too. Our hard gels have been confirmed by Young Nails that they have never been tested on animals.

Why do you use pipeless pedicure bowls and not the pipe jet type?
We want to provide you with a sanitary and comfortable spa experience, and a pipeless pedicure is the best way to achieve that. Our Belava bowls use a 100% recyclable liner which is replenished after every use. We also clean and sanitize the area and our equipment in accordance to the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology after every use. Because our bowls have no pipes that clog up hair, dead skin and other human matter, our bowls are extremely clean when it’s your turn to soak your feet for a bath. Also, less water is used in our footbaths, which means less valuable resources and no noisy jets to distract you from enjoying a relaxing, quiet experience.

Why do you recommend an appointment? Why can’t I just walk-in.
Walk-ins are most definitely welcome, but we cannot guarantee service with one of our amazing Nail Artist Professionals. We follow a strict appointment only schedule, so if someone is slotted in the time you walk-in, they will receive preferential treatment. When you book an appointment, we know that your time is valuable and we’ll get you in and out in a timely fashion so you can move on with your day. We don’t try to move you around or make you wait while a walk-in is being finished. That time you booked with us will be guaranteed. So book an appointment with us. We promise you it will be worth it!

Why do you ask for my credit card for an appointment?
Just like a hotel, we need to guarantee your place at our salon. We do have a cancel policy of 3 hours prior to arrival. And if you have a late cancellation or no-show we will run your card for 50% of the services you missed. If you are running late or can’t make it, just do us the courtesy of calling and letting us know. We get that sometimes extenuating circumstances can occur and we will work with you by rescheduling for another time.

I went to your salon and my polish got nicked
I went to your salon and my gel manicure got chipped.
It happens. In the event that it does, we charge a flat $5 per nail repair fee. If the gel manicure chipped within 2 weeks of your last appointment, come on in, we’ll fix it for free.

What is your Salon Etiquette policy?
Just like many salons, we want every one of our customers to have a pleasurable experience, which is why we recommend you turn off your cell phones. If you need to make a call, we do have a lovely courtyard right outside our door. In the summer though, it won’t be as lovely. Just be respectful of the customers and professionals at our salon and turn off your phone and just relax and enjoy the experience at Mint Nails Spa & Studio.

I want a pedicure. What do you recommend I wear and do before my appointment?
Since your feet will be soaking in a deep bowl filled with water, try to wear pants that are easy to hike up to mid-shin so it doesn’t get wet. Also, we recommend you don’t shave your legs for at least 24 hours of service so you can enjoy the amazing products used during your foot and leg massage. Lastly, we highly encourage you bring a pair of sandals when you leave the salon so you can let your toes breathe and dry, and also save us the use of our disposable sandals.

I heard you do Cruelty-Free Feather Designs? What is that? And how are the cruelty-free?
Yes, we know offer a unique nail art design using actual feathers purchased through hobby farms throughout the country. These birds are used as pets only and the feathers are acquired through natural molting. Molting is a process in which the birds naturally shed their feathers. The farms we work with clean and even freeze dry the feathers to keep them clean and free from bacteria. The feathers create a unique design on your fingers giving it a head turning look. We have a variety of feathers t choose from including peacocks, parrots, hens and more. We charge a per nail fee for these feathers.

How sanitary is your facility?
Sanitation is of an utmost importance to us. If you have a communicable foot, hand or skin disease, we do have the right to refuse service, per the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. The same goes with our Professional Nail Artists. They must be 100% healthy before they can work on you. We follow all the strict sanitation guidelines to run a salon in Arizona. If you have any questions about our sanitation practices, we can be more then happy to show you our records and processes. Our Salon Board license is SNT18285.

What kinds of payments do you accept? And can I use it to pay for my tip?
We accept cash and all major credit cards using our Square. And you can add gratuity on your card as well. What we don’t accept is checks. It’s 2015. We have no clue what to do with those anymore.